Q: How do I go about getting a quote?
A: Just click here to go to the contact us screen and fill in all your information and we will contact you with 24 hours about coming out to walk around your house and give you an exact quote.
Q: How does your pricing compare to other cleaning companies?
A: We are very competitive with other companies that provide a similar level of service to what we provide.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes all of workers are insured and we are happy to have our insurance company email over a copy of our insurance before we do any work on your house should you need it.
Q: Do you offer discounts or specials if I refer my neighbor?
A: We believe our prices to be very fair for the level of service we provide.  We do gladly offer a $10 cash payment (sent to you through an email service called Square Cash) for each referral you provide us with if we get the job.
Q: Do you match prices with your competition?
A: The simple answer is no.  There is always another company willing to give a low ball price to get the job.  We suggest you be careful with these companies as there is often something hidden and the level of service may not be as good as they promise.\r\n\r\n
Q: My teenage son/daughter is looking for a job are you hiring?
A: We are always looking for people of character who are willing to learn and follow systems.  Generally people do better in trade work after they are out of college and have some life experience. Feel free to have them send a resume to jobs@waynewindows.com
Q: Where did you get your business name?
A: It is the middle name of our owner and founder Dennis Wayne McMahan.
Q: What efforts are you making to protect our environment?
A: We have endeavored to be a paperless company so do not leave receipts or written quotes.  We are happy to email these by request.
Also all of company records are kept in an app we have developed and work orders are digitally transferred to our workers via smart devices.